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A new beginning or just “a beginning”

A new beginning or just “a beginning”

Lately in Bulgaria writing about wine has become the NEW thing, the next fashionable endeavor. I call this a “wine modernism”. Starting this blog, I guess I am taking part in it, but I believe I have deeper intentions than just being on the arena. Hesitations have appeared and continue to do so but I thought the right time would never come!

Although I am involved in the industry as a wine producer, I will do my best to sound as objective as possible. Can’t promise it though… The particular preferences and taste would certainly bring a dose of subjectivity and in a way make everything very personal. So, I reckon the painting will be much influenced by my understanding, emotions and interpretation of everything about wine.

I am definitely not starting this blog affected by the very common howlers in Bulgaria like “Chablis is a french grape variety” or “Barbaresco wine is made from the Chianti grape”. I rather think, the main idea behind this blog is sharing my modest experience and knowledge, and adding these to the general knowledge about wine in Bulgaria. For many years there has been a lack of competence about the wine, the world of wine, the wine worldwide. Either in the specialty stores or in the restaurants. This is what has urged me to start writing about the wine in Bulgaria, whether Bulgarian or imported. I will focus on things like why I drink wine, why I appreciate it, how I approach it, styles of wine, trends, etc. I am hoping to move the general idea about wine a little forward by provoking both, those involved with the industry for a long time and also the Bulgarian wine consumer.

Somebody would say “That is too much…”. Well, I am blogging for those of you who are interested in the details of this matter. I am not planing on tasting wines, giving scores, etc. But who knows…

Well… That is a good start, i reckon.